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When was your last eye exam?

A yearly eye exam checks for more than just blurry vision


Are you interested in wearing contact lenses?  Most patients aren't aware that almost anyone can wear contact lenses with today's new technology, even patients with astigmatism and bifocals!  Whether you are new to contacts, or you have been wearing them for years, Dr. Williams and her staff will find the right lens for your vision needs.


A child should have a routine vision exam starting at 6 months of age.  Children do not complain about blurry vision like adults, as they have no frame of reference for what they should and should not be seeing.  It is important to have your child's eyes examined every year to ensure they are seeing clearly and can focus on school.


Itchy, watery and red eyes occur most commonly as a result of dry eye syndrome, though many patients mistake these symptoms for allergies.  Dry eyes can affect anyone.  Age, medications, gender and dehydration are just a few of the causes of dry eye.

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